achieving results

Tony specialises in government liaison, educational project consultancy, educational strategic planning, educational technology, the development of teacher networks, systemic policy development, educational change and educational communication. He is recognised as a change agent, one who can manage large systemic change effectively, with process and within budget. He is recognised as a mentor and advisor in educational leadership.

30+ Years of experience

Since 1976 Tony has been involved in education. He has been an educator in primary, secondary and tertiary education settings and has worked for teacher regulatory agencies, governmental authorities, not-for profit and for-profit corporations and has provided education consultancy worldwide. He is a strong project consultant and manager, specialising in educational strategic planning, policy development and large organisation transformation.

Educational Leadership

Tony possesses an in-depth knowledge of education, focusing on global education and digital technologies in learning. His consultancy experience is as a school principal, the chair of a national teachers’ association, an executive responsible for schools and principals and a project consultant focusing on system wide change. He has won many awards and is a Fellow of the Australian Council for Computers in Education.

Global experience

Tony has worked in Australia, Bahrain Dubai, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. He has provided consultancy to the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, The International Society for Technology in Education, the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, Monash University and educational institutions around the world.